Our inspiring city, above all else, knows how to celebrate life in all of its glory and tragedy, Abigail's songs reflect that in all its messy honesty. The music is full of revelry, bawdy blues and busted bar room salvation, from gypsy swing and cabaret, to sentimental ballads. We'll chase this muse to its glorious bitter end.


The band sparked in 2013 when Abigail Cosio (singer/songwriter) and Jeremy Kelley (saxophone) were asked to play a Drag show during the New Orleans Fringe Festival. With a pack of ferocious jazz musicians in tow, they began booking gigs all over the city. Within weeks they were in the studio cutting their debut EP, Evangeline.

The songs that poured out of Abigail Cosio were ripe with electrifying melodies, rich story-lines and wild energy. Sister harmonies, rowdy drums, upright bass, and piano rounded out the sound... Bon Bon Vivant was born!

On the Road

Bon Bon Vivant can now be seen playing regularly at clubs all over New Orleans, and were featured at the French Quarter Festival, New Orleans Film Fest and the Creole Tomato Fest this year. BBV currently tours from Louisiana to the West Coast, playing storied venues like Clifton's and the Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles), as well as the Gatsby and The Rattle Inn during the Pecan Street Festival (Austin).

"Bon Bon Vivant is feel good music for people who like to feel bad!"


Contact Info

For booking, call Jeremy Kelley: 504-298-8150

New Full Length Album